Get Rid of Your Double Chin with

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Your face is the first thing people notice, and you want to feel confident when you walk in a room. A chiseled jawline and well-defined facial features, commonly considered masculine characteristics, make men more attractive to others and to themselves. Sagging in the jawline (jowls) and the accumulation of fat under the chin can make men appear older or more overweight than they truly are. Don’t let a double chin keep you from having a perfect profile—balance your facial features, add definition, and create symmetry by removing chin fat. Using the best minimally invasive treatment for double chin removal, we’ll sculpt a masculine jawline that balances your facial angles and enhances your natural bone structure.

What is Double Chin Removal?

Chin Sculpting, or double chin removal, is a minimally invasive treatment that uses HD Body Sculpting technology to remove fat from your chin and jawline permanently. Once the fat is removed, we contour your jaw to give you the masculine profile you want. Our treatment leaves the surrounding tissue undamaged while promoting tissue retraction, preventing sagging skin and jowls for a youthful jawline that lasts.

Our Chin Sculpting treatment uses just a local anesthetic to keep patients comfortable, leading to minimized risks and faster recovery times. We perform the quick, one-time treatment in our clinics, and because it typically takes less than 30 minutes, it can even be done over your lunch break. Since men have tighter elasticity in their chin than women, the results of double chin removal in men are dramatic and visible quickly—most patients see improvement just 48 hours after treatment.

Benefits of Chin Fat Removal

The ideal male face has sharp features, a square shape, and a strong, defined chin and neck. Chin fat removal gives our patients the chiseled jaw they’ve seen on celebrities but have never been able to achieve. You’ll enjoy the following benefits when you receive a Chin Sculpting treatment:

  • Improve masculine appearance with a defined jawline
  • Reduce signs of aging, sagging skin, and jowls for a more youthful appearance
  • Quick recovery—resume activities within 24-48 hours
  • No stitches and little to no scarring
  • Minimize risks associated with traditional chin cosmetic surgeries, like anesthetic toxicity, implant rejection, and tissue damage

Double Chin Treatment at Belle Medical

We work with you during your free consultation to prepare an individualized Chin Sculpting treatment plan. Once we know your goals and ideal face shape, we’ll determine the areas of your chin that need to be sculpted, and we can even treat you from ear to ear if necessary for your desired results. You’ll love your selfie and your side profile when you receive minimally invasive Chin Sculpting at Belle Medical—call us today to schedule your free consultation today!