Slim Down with a Dad Bod Makeover

You’ve probably heard the words “dad bod” used to describe men in their 30s and 40s who have a little extra around the middle. Some people argue that this “natural” look is attractive, but many men who sport the dad bod would be happier and healthier with a more athletic physique.

Even the most active, nutrition-conscious men have difficulty losing extra fat around the midsection. Through Belle Medical’s minimally invasive treatments, you can get the lean, masculine look you want without endless workouts, impossible diets, or risky procedures.

What is a Daddy or Dad Bod Makeover?

Belle Medical’s dad bod makeover is a customized set of treatments designed to take your figure from fatherly to fit. Our physicians will reshape your body in three key areas using the following HD Body Sculpting procedures:

  • Male Chest Sculpting
    As men age, it’s natural for them to lose some definition in the chest. Some men even develop gynecomastia, more commonly known as “man boobs.” We target excess fat in the chest to give you the look you’re after. 

  • Love Handle Removal
    There are a lot of names for the excess fat around your abdomen. Whether you call it a spare tire, love handles, or another nickname, we’ll remove it.

  • Abdominal Etching
    Everyone wants those chiseled six-pack abs. While we can’t guarantee you’ll look like Chris Evans, we can guarantee you’ll have a flat stomach when you leave.

 Some men can lose these pockets of fat with enough exercise, but if you’re a dad, you don’t have time to spend all night at the gym.

Who Is a Dad Bod Makeover For?

As long as you are generally healthy, have realistic expectations, and can maintain a healthy lifestyle, our dad bod makeover treatments can work for you. To create an actual six-pack through abdominal etching, you’ll need to be under 20% body fat with a visible ab line. Those who don’t meet these criteria may not get the results they want for their chest, but they’ll still receive a flat stomach.

Traditional surgical procedures are risky and may involve four to six weeks of downtime. Our procedures only require a day or two of recovery. You can come into our clinic on a Friday, lose that stubborn fat, and be back to your busy life by Monday.

Call us, come in for a visit, or reach out online today. See how a dad bod makeover can change your life.

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